Papasan chairs are currently very popular in the United States and many European countries because of the extreme level of comfort that they can give to anyone who has the pleasure of sitting on them. They are also the favorite furniture of many homeowners because of their very unique and aesthetically charming appearance.

Papasan FurnitureNot everyone realizes that the papasan chair is not actually a western invention but that it actually hails from the other side of the world, having originated from South East Asia. While it’s true that there are now some papasan chair manufacturers based in the US that make similar versions of the chair out of more modern materials such as steel and plastic, those that are handcrafted from rattan are actually still being imported from Asian countries.

It is not clear when the papasan chair was actually invented because apparently, natives in the Philippines and Japan have been using it for centuries before American soldiers discovered them during World War II. These soldiers were so impressed with the quality, comfort and appearance of the chairs that they brought some home with them after the war ended.

It didn’t take long for the rest of the western world to take an interest in these unique chairs, which were nothing like anything they have ever seen before. The chair itself is made of three separate parts: the round cone-shaped base that is made of very sturdy rattan, the bowl-shaped seat that is placed on top of the base, also made of rattan, and the thick cushion that is stuffed with cotton fluff and covered with a soft fabric, making it perfect for sitting on.

By the mid 1960s and 1970s, practically every American home had at least one of these chairs sitting in the living room or the patio. Shortly afterwards, the rest of the world took notice and papasan chairs were being exported from Asia to practically every country in the world.

The basic design of the papasan chair did not really change even after all this time, although as mentioned, there are now more modern versions including mamasan chairs that are being made out of other materials like lightweight metal. Nevertheless, the original rattan variety remains to be the most popular version of the chair because of its unique appearance.

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