Papasan chairs made of rattan have been among the best-selling chairs in many parts of the world for several decades now because of the combination of their great look and comfortable design. In fact, even if you scour all the furniture companies from all over the world, it is unlikely that you will find any other chair that is more comfortable than the papasan.

Papasan CushionThe only drawback to these chairs, if you can even call it that, is that the rattan has a tendency to wear out over time. The base may weaken with frequent use, the rattan trimmings may become loose, and there may even be a risk of rotting. However, all this can be avoided if you take good care of your papasan chair.

Fortunately, it’s not that hard to keep a papasan chair in great form. You just have to clean it regularly and take care of the minor problems before they get a chance to worsen.

Cleaning the papasan chair is very easy especially if you have a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery brush attachment. Start with the seat of the chair and gradually work your way to the base, taking care to clean in between the tight spaces where dust is sure to accumulate. If there are still some dirt lodged in the tight spots after vacuuming, use an old toothbrush to loosen these bits and remove them completely.

If you do this routine regularly, like once a week or so, there won’t be any need for more intensive cleaning because the dirt won’t have a chance to settle in the first place. However, if your papasan chair gets really dirty, you can still efficiently remove all the dirt and make it just like new by using a simple cleaning procedure.

First, make a solution out of water and an oil-based soap made especially for wood. You can purchase this in any hardware or DIY shop in your neighborhood. Dip a rag in the solution and wring it until it is almost completely dry. Wipe all the surfaces of the chair with this rage one portion at a time, making sure to wipe each portion with another slightly damp rag immediately afterwards. When you’re done, wipe the entire chair with a clean rage then let it dry out completely outdoors.

In order to avoid common problems with papasan chairs, like the drying of the rattan which can eventually lead to cracking and brittleness, it is best that you keep the chair away from direct sunlight or frequent exposure to rain.

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Papasan chairs are currently very popular in the United States and many European countries because of the extreme level of comfort that they can give to anyone who has the pleasure of sitting on them. They are also the favorite furniture of many homeowners because of their very unique and aesthetically charming appearance.

Papasan FurnitureNot everyone realizes that the papasan chair is not actually a western invention but that it actually hails from the other side of the world, having originated from South East Asia. While it’s true that there are now some papasan chair manufacturers based in the US that make similar versions of the chair out of more modern materials such as steel and plastic, those that are handcrafted from rattan are actually still being imported from Asian countries.

It is not clear when the papasan chair was actually invented because apparently, natives in the Philippines and Japan have been using it for centuries before American soldiers discovered them during World War II. These soldiers were so impressed with the quality, comfort and appearance of the chairs that they brought some home with them after the war ended.

It didn’t take long for the rest of the western world to take an interest in these unique chairs, which were nothing like anything they have ever seen before. The chair itself is made of three separate parts: the round cone-shaped base that is made of very sturdy rattan, the bowl-shaped seat that is placed on top of the base, also made of rattan, and the thick cushion that is stuffed with cotton fluff and covered with a soft fabric, making it perfect for sitting on.

By the mid 1960s and 1970s, practically every American home had at least one of these chairs sitting in the living room or the patio. Shortly afterwards, the rest of the world took notice and papasan chairs were being exported from Asia to practically every country in the world.

The basic design of the papasan chair did not really change even after all this time, although as mentioned, there are now more modern versions including mamasan chairs that are being made out of other materials like lightweight metal. Nevertheless, the original rattan variety remains to be the most popular version of the chair because of its unique appearance.

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Papasan Swivel RockerIf you know somebody who is going away to college and is going to live far away from home, it is only natural for you to want to give them some kind of token to make the transition to their new life a lot easier, especially if that person is a close friend or relative.

There are actually many things that you can give a new college freshman but the best gift would be something that is practical and that they can not only use on a regular basis but that can also help them settle down a lot more easily. One such gift would be a papasan chair. Check them out here:

Before you disregard this as an option, probably because you are thinking that it is too big or too expensive to give, here are some great reasons why papasan chairs are actually ideal gifts for an incoming college freshman.

First of all, it would mean a lot to the recipient that you are giving them something that they can obviously use a lot during their stint at university. Dorms are known for being stark and quite impersonal so it is up to the resident to jazz it up and make it as comfortable as possible. A papasan chair can accomplish this in an instant because its appearance is very warm and cozy, immediately giving a homier look to the otherwise cold dorm room.

A papasan chair is also great for studying, which hopefully, your friend or relative will be doing a lot of while staying at the dorm. The thick and soft cushion of the chair makes for a very relaxing piece of furniture for sitting, curling up or taking a nap.

Another reason why a papasan chair is ideal for a college dormer is because it is very lightweight and easy to transport. It does look bulky at first but the chair is actually made of three parts – the base, the seat, and the cushion – which can easily be separated during transit.

Finally, the papasan chair is a surprisingly inexpensive piece of furniture so you don’t have to worry at all that it will be too expensive to give. For just about a hundred bucks, you can already get a decent chair to give as a gift, and for another hundred, you can add a couple of extra cushions that can either be used as a replacement for the main cushion, or simply laid out on the floor for additional seating.

Mamasan Chair (aka Double Papasan Chair)Choosing furniture for any room can already be a very tricky process but if the room is to follow a minimalist design, the challenge becomes even bigger. When picking furniture and decoration for such a room, you obviously can’t put in too many items as this would make the room crowded, causing you to lose the minimalist factor.

In addition, there are also other factors to consider like the homeowner’s personal style, the budget, and the dimensions of the room. With all these criteria to keep in mind, it can certainly be difficult to find the perfect furniture to place in the room.

Furnishing a minimalist living room, for instance, can be challenging since people are so used to living rooms that are filled with so many pieces of furniture, including many that are seldom or never used. Furthermore, living room couch sets are typically large and bulky, which won’t work very well in a minimalist space where there should be as few pieces as possible.

Clean and simple lines are very important when choosing furniture for your space. It would probably be best to do away with ornate couches and instead opt for something simpler yet still elegant, like a papasan chair.

Papasan chairs have a perfectly round shape, making them perfect for a minimalist design. There are no gaudy carvings or designs, just concentric circles made of rattan and the neat trimmings that link the pieces together. Even the color of the papasan chair is ideal because it the natural hue of the rattan works very well with the neutral colors that are typical of a minimalistic design.

When choosing a cushion for your papasan, veer away from very bold colors and loud prints. Instead, go for the muted tones that are much more relaxing and easier on the eye at the same time.

The great thing about papasan chairs is that even if they are the only pieces of furniture that are in the room, it will not look as if the room is lacking in any way. For a great source of Papasan Chairs click here.  All you have to do is add a coffee table, preferably made of the same material as the chairs, and some simple ornaments and wall décor and you’ll be all done. Not only will you end up with a tastefully decorated living room but you will also be able to save a lot of money on unnecessary items.

Rattan Papasan FurnitureSo the papasan craze has finally caught up with you after all these years. Not to worry though because even though it’s been a few decades since the papasan chair first became a very popular interior design item, it still remains one of the highest rated chairs in the world today.

There are several things about the papasan chair that could have finally attracted your attention and convinced you to purchase one for your home. It could be the comfort and relaxation it provides, the unmistakably unique look, the affordable cost, or the versatility of the chair when it comes to where and how you can use it around the house.

No matter what your reason is for deciding to buy one of these gorgeous pieces of furniture for yourself, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind when you go out shopping for your first papasan chair.

First of all, you have to realize that the papasan chair is actually made up of three different components. Although they typically come all together in one set when you buy them, these components are not permanently attached to each other so you have to inspect them all carefully to ensure durability and excellent quality.  For a great range of Papasan furniture at discount prices check out

The first part is the base of the chair, which is the part that stands on the floor. On a typical papasan chair, this base is made of rattan and has two perfect circles on both ends – one on the floor and one facing up for holding the seat frame. When buying the chair, make sure that the rattan wrappings that secure the base are all tightly attached and that there are no loose parts because the base is what will basically hold your weight as you sit on the chair.

42 inch Papasan Chair Rattan BaseThe second component is the frame of the chair, which comes in the distinctive bowl shape. The diameter of a standard-sized papasan chair is 42 inches, but there are some varieties these days that are bigger and smaller so you will be able to choose the size that is most comfortable for you. Like the base, the frame of the seat is also made of rattan and is fastened together using rattan wrappings.

Since the seat is just placed on top of the base and is not permanently attached, anyone who sits on the chair will be able to adjust it into the angle that they prefer that is most comfortable for them. On the other hand, some amount of caution must also be exercised when sitting and getting up from the chair because too much force can cause the seat to slide off the base, resulting in injuries.

Finally, the third component of the chair that you should also check carefully before making a purchase is the cushion. Cushions may be purchased separately but if you are buying a brand new chair, it’s very likely that they will throw in a cushion in with the set.

The best cushions are those that are thickly padded with a soft, plush material and that is covered with a fabric that is easy to clean. It is vital that you choose the fabric carefully especially if you have furry pets around who tend to shed their hair a lot, as well as little children who are prone to spilling things and ultimately, making stains on the upholstery.

Microfiber materials are very popular these days when it comes to papasan cushion covers. These materials are highly resistant to stains and are very easy to clean as well. They also come in many different colors and patterns so you will certainly be able to find a few that match your preferences.

As you look at the different styles and designs of papasan chairs, you will notice that there are some that are not round at all like the traditional papasan, but more oval or elongated. These are called loveseat papasan chairs, also known as mamasan chairs, and are designed for two people. This type of chair is also a nice alternative to the typical varieties, especially if you are married or live with someone with whom you would like to spend many a night cuddling in front of the television or even the fireplace.

No matter what kind, color, design or material of papasan chair you end up buying, the most important thing to remember is to take good care of your furniture so that you can maximize its lifespan. With proper care and maintenance, papasan chairs can last for several decades. There may be a need for some minor repairs every once in a while, such as the re-binding of worn-out rattan wrappings or the replacement of depleted cushions but other than that, a well-made papasan chair should be able to last a very, very long time.